The exhibition brings together FRESH.GLASS art and production practices and introduces viewers to the diverse capabilities of the laboratory. A variety of unique glass textures, which Fresh.Glass catalog already has over 20, born in the course of artistic experiments, subsequently being integrated into the architectural projects and design series. The production capacity of the laboratory, which has a kiln facility at its disposal, allows FRESH.GLASS to scale textures up to 3 meters and create large-scale glass structures.

The Survival Instinct/Gippo/Kamushki iz morya

The experimental artworks in the exhibition are illustrated by fragments of the total installation Survival Instinct, first shown at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art at the Sreda Obitaniya exhibition (2022). The intricate forms, originating from a visual study of the surface of Mars, are combined with Gippo and Kamushki iz morya (Pebbles from the sea) interior tables, and olollo lamps - objects of «earthly» origin.

Uncreated world

Inspired by the uncreated world, FRESH.GLASS produces objects, perception of which is possible - and necessary - not only visually, but also through tactile feelings and experience of subjective impressions of the viewer. The fantasy landscape of the exhibition is an invitation to a slow, introspective journey. The exhibition expands into additional dimensions in the mirrors scattered around the space. As if immersed in a sand dune that changes shape under the blowing wind, the exhibition invites you to explore the transformation of images and your own sensory experience of the one who’s looking (touching, interacting with objects).

Deliberately untitled, the project aspires to expand the space for interpreting visitors' experience of interacting with the exhibition and offers to formulate their own «title», an impression inspired by each person's unique sensory experience.

The flickering images that emerge in mirrors create new sides of object perception. Once you change the view angle slightly, the shape that resembles a shard of granite takes the shape of an armchair, and the stalagmite turns into a table. The ambiguous visual cues are replaced by a tactile experience - first a fingertip contact, then a more confident touch. The final step of the "journey" is to be able to trust the material, to find a sense of balance - sitting on a bed of glass or in an chair-shaped object. To take a look at the exposition not from the outside, but being within it, literally.

The «» exhibition is the first FRESH.GLASS solo project curated by the artists themselves. Represented by artists and glass specialists Dasha Bolkhovitina, Sergey Martynov, Konstantin Gvozdev, Kristina Baroeva and Anastasia Vishnyakova, FRESH.GLASS laboratory strives to explore visual, tactile and emotional dimensions of glass as a material and an art tool.