Collection of mirrors


Glass, mirror



Kiln glass casting


280 х 100 cm




Edition of 12 units



Today more and more often we face reflections of reality, of who we are… as if we have the capacity to decide what to hide and what to reveal. While one over looks the beauty of the details, the other, on the contrary, cannot see the whole, getting lost in the details.


While in winter, the rivers are still covered with ice, they continue to run free in the foothill zones.During the thaw the snow exposes the water,while thin ice still covers the river edges, above the water, acting as a reminder of what was, what is, and what will be.

This astonishing phenomenon, as a whole, looks as if the direction of time is unclear. Is the swift cold dark water slowly putting on a crust of ice, or vice versa, it is ice that chooses to expose part of the river?


People are not very different in that sense. Sometimes we decide to share with others, and sometimes we don’t want to open up; however the latter is not always within our capabilities. Have you decided for yourself whether you are showing or being exposed? Go look, see for yourself, what is your reflection?

The collection participated in exhibition: