Plunging into the world of experimentation with the extraordinary possibilities of glass, the FRESH.GLASS team came up with an idea to combine their artistic experiments with functionality.

A series of Gippo items is about how friendly the inhabitants of space can be:as amazing, clumsy, but powerful, and intriguing as a hippo family. Each surface is unique, as is each earthly creature.

The main feature of the Gippo series of items is the sensation. Thickness of white, matte, wrinkled glass, almost alive, it gives you the desire to touch, run your fingers along the edges, the folds of the surface and feel the warmth of glass skin. The completeness of the impression is complemented by four solid and stable legs, that gather this image at the associative level into something familiar and understandable.


Gippo Family is primarily about working with materials, unique knowledge and experience, as a source of inspiration and sensuality. Sensual experience gives rise to emotions, which are ultimately embodied in objects with a soul, the soul of FRESH.GLASS.

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«», Supermetall, 2023