Dasha Bolkhovitina

b. 1996, Russia

Dasha Bolkhovitina  is an artist and sculptor working in various glass techniques, mostly with kiln cast glass (or in another name «pate de verre» if working with smaller glass pieces or slices).
FRESH.GLASS studio visionary and artist.

The sculptor's painstaking work in creating a refractory mold for casting glass, expertise in technological aspects of processing different types of glass at high temperatures, manual post-processing of the material and perfecting it to the intended appearance – each step of the process is laborious, lengthy and requires high skills. Dasha Bolkhovitina finds beauty in this hard thought intimate and deep interaction with glass, the material that keeps itself from being fully controlled.

For Dasha, the essential moment is the conversation between the artist and the material, in the course of which the glass itself guides the movement of its inner life. In the close communication with the material lies Bolkhovitina’s artistic mission: the artist lives with the glass, guiding it and allowing the material to be fluid and unbound. The transparency of this connection, its subtle, sometimes barely perceptible threads, at times feather-like, rising up, then disappearing into nowhere. Bubbles and swirls of movement create the integrity of the body, born of the matter of glass. Each particular Bolkhovitina’s artwork or series combines the power of nature and this philosophy.

Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts (Stroganov Academy), Art Glass department, 2017 (bachelor’s), 2020 (master’s)

Personal exhibition (as a part of FRESH.GLASS):
2023 – «», Supermetall (Moscow, Russia)

Selected Group Exhibitions (as a part of FRESH.GLASS):
2022 – ARTDOM Design & Art Expo, Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia)
2022 – «The Survival Instinct» total installation, ENVIRONMENT exhibition, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow, Russia)
2022 – «The Walking» installation, «The end of carelessness. Four suggestions for radical care» exhibition, U Contemporary, Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia)

Selected projects (as a part of FRESH.GLASS):
2022 – Survival Instinct. Total installation, a collection of interior and art objects.
2022 – CASTES. Capsule collection of objects in collaboration with Dasha Bolkhovitina and Semyon Lavdansky.
2022 – Neglige. A collection of sustainable design objects using FRESH.GLASS production waste.

Other art projects
2021 – sculpture processing for Alexander Kutovoi’s Bulky Biceps Trying to Fly exhibition
2018 – glass sculptures for Taus Makhacheva’s ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) Spa project (installation) & Signature Sculptural Facial (performance)